Saturday, 13 February 2016

Stephen Selke’s “Sob Story”

Just because I’ve never had my heart broken doesn’t mean I’ve never had heart ache. I admittedly have had a very few girls like me enough to go out with me if I asked them. Yet I know for a fact that they would soon be rid of this desire since our mindsets were worlds apart. There’s people out there that will tell me that I’m still young at 27, but to me that’s an old age to be at without ever being in any kind of romantic relationship. It’s not a pleasant feeling when it seems that there’s no one on the planet that will ever be more into me than anything else (with the exception of God, who should ALWAYS come first). As much as I’m totally fine being single, there’s still the sting of rejection.

But the real heart ache doesn’t come because of my inability to enter a romantic relationship. What really devastates me and moves me to tears is seeing evil win in this world. The time I shed the most tears of my life was when a friend committed suicide. I wish I could have been around more, to show him that his life had value, a God-given purpose, even if he couldn’t see it. Yet suicide is happening all around me, although at a much slower rate. What I mean by this is that whenever someone rejects Jesus and the purpose He has for them, they are bringing the death penalty needlessly on themselves. I see people on the course to spend eternity in Hell, when the way to eternal happiness is so apparent to me.

Perhaps one of the reasons I’m a less emotional person as a whole is because the sensitivity I have to the big issue stuff, like the fate of people’s eternal happiness, doesn’t allow much room to “sweat the small stuff.” So it seems like I’ve gone crazy to you, or at least that I look a bit harried, I want you to know that the fact that I have no wife to tether me down only has the smallest part in it. The sanity that I do have (I promise you I’m not insane, and everything I’m saying here I’m able to back up with rock-solid logic) is afforded me by the peace God graces me with.

There’s an evil darkness encompassing the world, and it’s claiming lives, some faster than others, and I refuse to idly stand by instead of frantically pointing to the readily available escape into the light and eternal happiness. I know for a fact that perhaps this isn’t the best way to get the message across, but I also know that God is strong enough to use all of his for his glory even in our weaknesses.

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