Wednesday, 6 January 2016


I like having themed stretches of Facebook statuses.  Here is a compilation of my most recent one:

January 1

Something about the simple addition of 1 to the number that represents the year means quite a bit. One day to the next may seem the same, but a whole year represents the potential for so much change. A new year represents the opportunity for a brand new start. The progress in years contains progress in personal goals, in relationships, and in technology.

It’s exciting, is it not?

Perhaps it’s fitting, then, that “excitement” will be the theme of my upcoming statuses. More about the concept of excitement itself than examples of it – for actual examples of it you need to go on adventures with me. Still, I’m hoping this series of statuses will be its own kind of adventure as you read them.

Stay tuned!

January 2

One of the biggest differences I see between me and a “normal” person is that normal people have many things that get them excited, that feeds them energy. Some people get psyched for an upcoming movie. Others would swoon if their favourite celebrity shook their hand. Quite a few are absolutely captivated by a baby or by a pet.

I’m not saying nothing gets me excited, but let’s just say if you saw me jumping and clapping my hands on a game show it’s probably because they paid me behind the scenes to do so.

To be continued…

January 3

Do you remember when you were little and the promise of a snack was enough to make you behave (well, maybe some of us don’t have to think back quite so far for that example)? I was in kid heaven when I got a new computer game, and just holding the box itself was captivating.

As we age and mature, what gets us excited changes. So what makes you think that what gets you excited now won’t/can’t change? If you can answer this question chances are you either stubborn and immature, or you are wise and understand the things in life that have the most meaning. You will able to know which one you are when things don’t go your way. The wise will understand and be able to be stay their course despite their disappointment. The immature will be devastated and feel lost.

To be continued…

January 4

Brownies taste good, don’t you think? Eating one is fabulous. Some of us can have two or three pieces and still crave more. There’s maybe even a few that could polish off the whole tray of brownies without much difficulty. But let’s say that all you could ever eat for the rest of your life were brownies. After a while, you would get sick of it, even if not literally.

Too much of a good thing can desensitize us to the pleasure it provides. We get bored of things that we at first got excited over. It has been said that we get bored of pleasure easier than we get bored of pain.

Even though boredom seems to be an inevitability with an unending supply of pleasure, most people in life still try to bounce from one pleasure to another. Always discarding what doesn’t make them happy for what does. Even if they don’t make one thing their whole world, whenever they get what they want they are never truly satisfied.

To be continued…

January 5

We like to tell ourselves that we are content. Or at least I do. I like to think that the reason that I don’t excite easy is that I’ve already been blessed by so much, and not because I’ve grown cynical. I have the means to access almost any kind of pleasure available to me, and I’ve indulged in enough of it to keep me satisfied.

The problem with this is that most of the pleasure we achieve isn’t permanent. After eating, we will once again grow hungry. Memories of good times fade, and we will yearn to make more memories. We only tell ourselves we are content to make us feel better, but all it would take is another shiny object to excite us.

To be continued…

January 6

We all are excited for something; we all yearn for something.

What is better, the yearning for something or the satisfaction gained from it? Can you imagine being eternally satisfied?

John 4:13-14 - Jesus answered, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

To be continued… not as a Facebook post, but in our own lives, as we learn about things that are worth getting excited about.