Friday, 28 March 2014

You're A Worshipper

Do you agree with the following statement: everybody, regardless of their world view or religion, are worshippers.

You have an answer? Or do you need to know what worship is first?

Worship (paraphrased from adoration, love, or devotion for a deity, idol, or sacred object.

So... are we all worshippers?

We are all worshippers, we just disagree with what we should be worshipping.

What does it mean to worship? In practical terms, if you want to know what you are worshipping (keep in mind it is possible to be "worshipping" more than one thing, depending on the things that you are worshipping):

1. Look at where you are spending your money. Are you spending it on yourself? Are you buying music albums, sports paraphernalia, fancy cars, jewelry for a loved one?

Perhaps you are worshipping a sport, sports team, song artist, your own image, a spouse/mentor/friend, or a specific vehicle.

2. Look at how you are spending your time. Are you always at work? Partying? Playing video games? Going on vacations?

Perhaps you are worshipping your job, your sense of importance, your friends, a game, the planet, your sense of having a good time.

3. Look at your goal(s) in life. Do you want to achieve a position in a job? A certain number of friends? A reward for doing something great? A happy life? A name for yourself?

Face it, we're all worshippers, and a good portion of the time we are worshipping ourselves.

If we could all agree on what is worth worshipping, I would argue that there wouldn't be any substantial conflict in the world.

But what is most worth worshipping? The answer is obvious: the thing that is closest to perfection.

We as humans are nowhere close to perfect. The material things of this world have even less value because it will all break down and decay eventually.

Not everyone believes in God, but those that do have no choice but to admit that HE is the one most worthy of our worship.

God is the one most worthy of our worship. If you're not worshipping Him, you're not fulfilling your purpose. Doesn't matter who you are or what you believe.

But how do we worship God?

Where is our money/time going? Is our goal in life to worship God and are we putting effort into achieving that goal?

Are we obeying God? Hint: you can have a "decent life" and be a "decent person" and still be disobeying God; you can be a terrible person with a terrible past and still obey God with your life right now and in the future, and still fulfill your purpose in life.

We can still see bands and buy brand names, work hard at work and go on vacations, love our spouses and spend time with our friends, and still be worshipping God. It all comes down to the "why" we are doing these things.

Are you loving your spouse because you are nothing without him/her, or are you loving him/her because you feel so loved by God and can't help but love other people, especially the one you're married to? Are you going on vacations because you believe the purpose of life is to get the most out of it, or are you going as a refresher for your body and spirit and thank God for the pleasure you get out of it?

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