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Why Celebrate Halloween?

(Created on October 27, 2010, Edited October 31, 2013)

**Edit 2013:  I no longer am so strongly against Halloween.  Someone reminded me that Halloween isn't inherently evil.  I like having fun, I like it when other people have fun.  I won't say to someone, "no you shouldn't celebrate Halloween."  However, there are some good points in the following article so I decided to leave it posted...**

No seriously, why celebrate Halloween?  It has to be the stupidest holiday out there.  Here's three main reasons:

1.  I dislike Halloween for the same reason as I dislike Harry Potter.  Harry Potter is an entertaining fantasy/fiction book series.  I watched the movies to save myself the trouble of reading the books.  What I don't like about Harry Potter is that it's target audience is young children.  Harry Potter and Disney have been teaching children the fantasy world of magic.  However, what young children (and some grown up ones as well) don't realize, is that there is REAL magic in the world.  Although, it isn't called "magic," but "power."  There are two sources of power:  God's supreme power and Satan's copycat power.  Halloween consists of dressing up as various fictional (and perhaps real) beings.  What a child doesn't know when dressing up as a witch, is that real witches - or practitioners of Wicca or the Occult or other pagan religions - exist.  They may not fly around on broomsticks but even that is based off a real practice.

Now you're thinking, "okay, but its not like dressing up as a ghost makes any difference, its not like the kid is actually a ghost or talks to them, nor are they practicing witches."  Yes, although there is only one Ghost:  The Holy Ghost (or Holy Spirit) - who's one of the good guys - evil spirits masquerade as ghosts.  By making fun by pretending to dress up as something evil, children are less likely to think that this evil exists in the world.

So basically, to summarize my first point, evil exists in the world, and pretending to be evil desensitizes children (and what they grow up to be) to this fact.  Magic is not good, so quit frolicking around and pretending that it's fake and no big deal!

2.  The origins of Halloween don't warrant a celebration in today's day.  Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ, which is a good thing.  Easter celebrates that Jesus rose from death, which is a good thing.  St. Patrick's day originated by a godly saint who helped save the souls of many people who practices pagan religion.  His missionary work is a good thing that saved a lot of people, so hey, why not make a day out of it.  Same with Remembrance Day, it's good to remember how this country still has a lot of it's freedom so we can learn to respect it and do our best to be stewards of it.  Thanksgiving - why not celebrate the end of harvest and give thanks to God, giving thanks to our Creator and Provider is definitely a good thing.

What I have researched about the origins of Halloween is that on this day many years ago, the veil between the spirit world and physical world was thought to be thinner, allowing spirits to roam free in this world for a while.  During this period, people would dress up in costumes in hopes to fooling spirits to leaving them alone.  I'm not quite sure where they got this idea from, as no one day is more significant than the rest.  The only significance a day is is what we as humans give it.  Spirits will definitely know the difference between an animal and a human in animal skins.  They're not stupid.  Plus, the spirit realm has always been interlinked with our own physical realm, not just on one day.
Just like Jesus wasn't actually born on December 25, that day has been accepted as our Christmas because the Romans celebrated one of their own god's birthdays on that day and they have a thing for combining religions and days, Halloween is also a mixture of different days . . . days are based off pagan practices that really have no positive influence on anyone's lives and are not worth celebrating (I don't usually write run-on sentences like that, sorry).

3.  Giving children more sugar.  Need I say more?

I'm not saying celebrating Halloween is wrong.  If I say that, I would also have to say playing video games with magic in it is wrong, and I'm not about to give that up!  But I will say this, children should be educated on the reality of the supernatural forces in this world.  If they are scared, well, that's a good motivation for them to give their lives to Jesus who is more powerful than all the evil forces in this dark world.

So next time you go to see a scary movie, and you get scared, you SHOULD be scared (unless you’re indwelt with the Holy Spirit, in which case you should be wary, not scared), since the devil IS out to get you!  And that is NOT something to celebrate!

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