Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Illustration

(Written on July 9, 2013)

Anyone who is familiar with the stuff I write knows how much I enjoy creating and using illustrations to get my point across.  Unfortunately I’m not talking about painting a literal colourful picture.  My illustrations tend to go more along the lines of connecting two or three different ideas, such as what I did with Inception’s Missing Level or Rant I Thought of After Watching “The Watchmen.  Just today my facebook status consisted of a comparison between how people viewed items as their own even though they hadn’t yet paid for it (such as cars and houses) to the fact that in reality we belong to God.

Why is it that a good majority of my illustrations are directed towards God?

Personally, I believe that people can’t help but associate the things they observe to things that most prominently dominate their minds.  Just as I’m sitting here penning this outside on this gorgeous Tuesday afternoon, I’m looking at the vast beautiful sky and my mind immediately goes to how large and beautiful the God who made it must be.  If by chance I had a significant other in my life my thoughts would likely be more along the lines of “I sure wish she was here to enjoy this.”  Someone else may look at this same scene and think to herself, “look at all these man man-made things getting in the way of this place’s natural beauty.”  This person may value the sanctity of earth above all else.  Perhaps yet another person viewing this scene would think to himself “I remember swimming in a similar pond as a child.”

Pictures to memories.  Memories to ideas.  Ideas to beliefs.  Humans were born with the ability to constantly make connections from one idea to the nex t.  It’s a necessity.  We need this ability to learn, grow, and survive.

If someone were to ask me why humans were created, I would say that it was to showcase the glory of God in a whole new way.

Ephesians 3:10-11  His intent was that now, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms, according to his eternal purpose that he accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Humans can connect pictures with emotion.  But what can angels do?  What kind of things do they connect to God’s glory?  It’s probably not a question often thought of.  Humans have this mentality that we are the centre of the universe.  However, it would make more sense for the Creator, not the creation, to be the centre of it all.  Yes, we are important, but we have this value because God has given it to us.

Disagree with me if you like, but I want you to see how by thinking along these lines things can make sense.

If I wasn’t a believer, probably the biggest hurdle stopping me from becoming a Christian is the fact that God is allowing so many people to go to Hell.  Nevermind the fact that this world is so full of pain and suffering - I get that part:  it’s simply due to a process of cause and effect.  Humans turned their back on God and His plan for them, and since they don’t understand nature like He does this results in all sorts of bad things happening.  However, Hell to me seems too cruel a punishment (I have written an answer to why Hell exists).  With a human-centred mind, it’s almost impossible to not think to some extent that somehow God has wronged us.

A God-centred perspective will show us that there is something much more than human destiny involved here:  God’s glory is at stake.

Not only does this physical realm exist, but so does (probably a vast/infinite number of) heavenly realms.  Now we can think of human existence as a vast illustration in itself - an illustration that we may not be able to understand, an illustration that the heavenly bodies CAN understand.

As an illustration of this divine illustration, let me compare your viewpoint to a single pixel in a high definition picture.  Someone with a broader viewpoint may roughly be able to make out the image of a blade of grass.  One with an even better perspective can see this blade of grass is but the tiniest part of a large picture of a sunny nature setting.  Perhaps an even larger point of view would see that it isn’t a mere picture but a full-length movie.

When humans abandon the idea that they are the center of the universe it becomes easier to reconcile with the questions of life that we don’t understand because all we see is a single pixel.

 Left:  picture I took with my iPod of the scene I was looking at while writing this article.  It doesn’t seem like anything special, but real life looked different.  It’s all about perspective.

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