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Lesson From South Park?

(Created April 27, 2010)

No, don't go and watch South Park.  It is a very bad show.  I just used the title to catch your attention.  Now that you are here...

I was reading the Edmonton Journal today on my lunch break today, looking for any kind of amusing articles to pass time.  It didn't take me long to find the article labelled: "Islam: Sacred Cow Even South Park Won't Touch."  Now I'm not sure if that was the exact title.  Despite spending a fair bit of time looking for it online, I couldn't find the digital version of this article to link for you guys, but this title is very close if not the same as the one I read.  Along with those familiar with South Park, I knew that they poke fun at EVERYTHING.  If a story/person/thing/anything is big enough, it is going to be made fun of by South Park.  For them not to make fun of something was extremely unheard of.  This is why the title caught my attention.

Turns out that South Park created a show featuring a number of religious icons, including Jesus and Muhammad.  The creators of the show poked fun at the fact that you can't make fun of Muhammad.  After it aired, however, the creators were "threatened" by a Muslim website telling the creators that they'd better watch their back, so to speak.  Immediately afterwards, the network bleeped out any mentioning of the name "Muhammad," and then later removed the episode from their website altogether.

Now, I'm not going to say anything about the Islam extremists winning this battle.  Not because they didn't, but because the fact that they did is besides my point.  Bear with me.  I MEAN NO DISRESPECT, but like anything I say, if you take offence that's your own problem.

Look at how much people disrespect Jesus.  They use his name as a swear word.  They poke fun at him and make obscene and stupid statements about him.  I can't think of any individual who undergoes as much ridicule as him.  Yet, he is God.  Jesus is the way to get to heaven.  Jesus is the lifeline for Humanity, and all they can do is mock it.  This is sad.  However, even as Christians, we often just take it all in stride.  I will admit, every time I observe someone using the Lord's name in vain, or make fun of Jesus/God in some way, I'm bothered.  Jesus is my God, he's my father, he's my friend.  He's the reason I have joy.  For someone to make light of my sole reason for living is degrading.

Why is it that South Park isn't allowed to ridicule Muhammad, yet they constantly mock Jesus and get away with it?  No, I'm not saying we should go extreme and send hate mail or post pictures of dead people on our websites, or start preaching to everyone.  This is what I'm saying:  next time some one you are friends with uses Jesus' name in vain, say something (I specified some one who you are friends with because I don't want people starting disputes with everyone and anyone).  Next time you hear Jesus being made fun of, don't laugh.  Be sure you haven't become completely desensitized to the disrespect that God receives.  I don't let very many things annoy me.  But that is the one thing that always does.  So if you want to get on my nerves, Bravo, you just found out how (good luck trying to bug me enough to get your desired reaction, though, I'm tough, I went to college, I can take it).

As Christians, we need to be able to stick up for our beliefs.  Christianity is the only right religion, Jesus is God and the only way you will get to heaven.  Just saying that will get you into trouble in today's society, where it is okay to believe what ever you want just so long as it doesn't degrade other religions.  I don't know about you, but calling other religions wrong and their gods demons is very degrading.  And I for one am not afraid to say it.  I may be playing with fire, but for us Christians, earth is as close as we are going to get to hell anyway.  For nonChristains, earth is as close as you are going to get to heaven.  Therefore, be smart and follow Jesus, and stick up for him!  He doesn't need you to, God will stick up for himself in the end anyway.  But as Christians, you shouldn't be afraid to stick up for him, that's my point.

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