Friday, 4 October 2013

Inception’s Missing Level

(Created before January 7, 2011)

The inception of this rant came after watching “Inception.”  Not completely dissimilar from “The Matrix,” “Inception” was a very entertaining concept made into a rather entertaining movie.   For those of you who have yet to see the movie, I would proceed with caution as you will find spoilers throughout this article.

“Inception” followed the life of Dom Cobb, a skilled thief.  Not a normal thief, however, as Dom extracted secrets from people’s minds by entering their dreams using fictional technology.  Not only does the technology exist to enter people’s dreams, but it is also possible to fabricate dreams.  In this movie, Cobb battles larger than life businessmen, gun-wielding opponents, and both conscious and subconscious issues with himself and others.

A key factor in the dream world is the fact that dying in the dream world allows you to wake up to reality.  With the help of sedation, different levels of dream worlds are obtainable (dreams within dreams).  This concept of returning to reality is what prodded me to write about the blatant symbolism presented.

In the movie, Dom Cobb and his team press downwards through multiple levels of the dream world/subconscious.  However, as they ascend back “upwards” towards reality, each level they re-enter seems more real than the past.  I’ve personally felt this sensation when I try to wake up in my dream, and end up in a fictional bedroom thinking I’ve woken up for real.  The thing about the movie Inception is that they stop ascending in the “real world.”  In my mind, the movie is leaving out a fundamental level of reality.

After death in this world, we don’t simply cease to be.  I am by no means an expert on what exactly happens after we die, and the information I have gathered don’t fit together as easy as pieces of a puzzle in my mind.  But I will share what I know for sure.  There will be a waiting place before judgement.  Then there will be judgement, and then one will go to either heaven or hell. If you are a Christian you will go to heaven and if not you will go to hell (I said it, and I ain’t taking it back).

Whenever I think about levels of reality, I always think of how C. S. Lewis explained it in the last instalment in the series of the Chronicles of Narnia.  In his heaven, everything seemed more real.  An apple tasted more like an apple, one could see clearer and smell more.  Those who wear glasses have an easier time grasping what C. S. Lewis was trying to say.  I remember when I first got my glasses.  It was like I was entering a whole new world.  Everything went from blurry to crisp.  A weaker example of this is the ever advancing technology of increasing visual definition in movies and gaming.

Not only will heaven (or the alternative) be taken in by enhanced senses, but it will also be more real.  This life we are living in is but a passing dream:  a dream that we will wake up from.  Unlike the subject in the movie Inception, we will have no chance to change our direction in life after “dying into reality.”

I could also point out the comparison between the differences in time in reality and the dream world, but it all would translate into me going into complicated math and physics formula’s, which no one wants me to do.

So there you have it.  A quick brainwave shows that Inception is more than just an entertaining movie for an idle mind.  It is a movie that should move us to thought, about how real our own world is.

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