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(Created on August 3, 2010)

Why does God have emotions?  This question haunted me like a wart that wouldn't go away.  What's wrong with having a God with emotions?  Well I'll give you an example.  In Genesis 6:6 it says that God was grieved that he had made man and that his heart was filled with pain.  But isn't he God and can see all things in the future?  If he knew it was going to happen, and he went ahead and made man anyway, why would he be sad?

If you're like me, this example isn't flawless.  A father may know that a child will grow up and have periods of rebellion.  Does that make him devoid of emotion when it happens?  Probably not.  Even though the father knew it was coming, he was sad when it did.  The father/child example isn't completely fit to symbolize us and God.  After all, since God is outside of time, to him our future mistakes have already happened.  How can he feel sadness for something that is a million years past?

Jesus himself is the key to unlock the answer to this dilemma.  God came down to earth as a man.  As a man, he was bound to our physical restriction of time.  Like the rest of us, Jesus displays his emotions.  Is it not fitting that God should then to display his emotions?  We need to see that our actions have an affect on our relationship with God.

Can you imagine what it would be like having an emotionless God?  All his decisions would be based on cold calculations.  If this were the case, God would have let the whole of mankind die by our own wickedness.  After all, we are useless to an unloving God, serving no purpose.  Would this theoretical unemotional God be stronger or better than our loving God?  It is in fact God's emotions that prove his strength.  He surpassed the pain brought on by our betrayal, something that requires a great amount of strength to do.

So why does God have emotions?  Simply because God is Love, and he wants us to connect with his creation.  Emotions let us feel for other people, and now we know that God feels for us because he displays emotions.  I, for one, am happy that God has emotions.  He does not make mistakes, and his emotions do not rule him.  His emotions make it clear to me that he cares for me, and is there for me.  It is only with a God who has emotions that cone can have a relationship.

So it is possible to have a God who has emotions.  Now the question is, is this the God we have?  Quite frankly, the answer is yes.  This is proven through Jesus and the bible.  What facts can I support this that is not based on some sort of faith?  Here's the way I see it.  We as human kind exist.  That alone, to me, is enough evidence of God's love.  Like I said before, we would serve no purpose to an unemotional God, so why would this complacent God create us?  Only our God would have created a world so beautiful, and put us in it.

Emotions are good, because God is good, and God has emotions.  I was reading in Wikipedia a little about the seven deadly sins today.  When I clicked "wrath," it led me to the page on "anger."  Sure enough, the last sentence of the intro on the word "anger" was: "In the Seven Deadly Sins, anger is known as the sin Wrath."  Whoever wrote this was wrong.  Anger is not wrath, and is not a sin, for God doesn't sin.  It is true that one can sin in their anger, but that is an action, not an emotion.

Just because emotions in and of themselves are good, we humans are notorious for taking good things made by God, and perverting it into something bad.  Therefore, it is possible to have bad emotions, coveting and lust for example.  In order to protect ourselves from these negative emotions, we need to ensure that our hearts are right with God.

Here is the final question that I'll leave you with.  What kind of emotion did this article on emotion leave you with?

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