Saturday, 5 October 2013


Do you care what other people think about what you wear?  How much does your peers' opinions of your wardrobe play into what you put on in the morning?

Hey everyone, guess what my opinion on  this topic is!  Actually, I believe I may surprise you.

Dressing in the morning for me is easy.  Five days out of the week I just throw on my work clothes because, well, I have work.  One of the other two days I likely will just keep on my pajamas because I really don't feel like going into public and I have no life.  The one day out of the week where I have to decide to wear makes me happy that (1) I don't have much clothes to choose from and (2) I don't have to make this choice more often.

Anyone who has seen me out and about should probably tell at first glance (as if they're only going to take just a single glance at this handsome fellow) that I generally don't really care about what other people think about what I'm wearing.  I'm a dude, and so I don't feel guilty about my inexistent fashion sense or desire to follow a clothing code.

I buy what's cheap, I wear what's comfortable.  I generally just wore what I wanted and didn't care what other people thought of it.  I was convinced that if I was rich and famous and could wear anything I wanted, I'd show up to things in a hoody and jeans even if everyone around me was dressed up (you can't tell me it wouldn't be awesome to show up at the Oscars in the same gear you got together to play video games with your friends in!).

However, I thought of something a few weeks ago...  how does clothing play into my desire to be considerate to other people?

The answer was quite simple, if I wanted to remain respectful to individuals who would rather me show up looking appropriate according to their definition of the word, I would do my best to comply, even if their expectations were baseless and non-congruent to my own clothing ideology.  In other words, if I was planning on hanging out with well-to-do people and they preferred to be seen with people in well-to-do suits, despite my natural proclivity to dress casually, I may just don the suit to remain respectful towards them.

I'm not adopting this standpoint because I have any desire to be a people-pleaser, I'm just saying that in a lot of cases, it couldn't hurt to put down my pride, along with my desire to wear whatever I want, in order to better respect the people that I'm with.

I may not exactly wear the things that others would want me to wear, but I'll go out of my way to chose to wear something that isn't off-putting because I don't want wanting something as frivolous as clothing get in the way of something as important as relationships.

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